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Highfields Cluster Family Support

I have attached referral forms to the Saturday Morning Groups and a couple of flyers with information on about the groups. Below I have also copied and pasted information that was sent to me by Derbyshire Autism. I have just found out that they run a Parent Carer Session once a month in Ripley - I am going to ring them and find out whether they could run a session in this area too - I will let you know when I find out. As they are a charity they may need money for petrol (they have quoted me £18 previously) or they may ask for a charity box to be sent around if they are able to do a group in this area. 
Derbyshire Autism do have Children in Need Funding - this is mentioned in the email below and referral form is also attached.
This is the email that the sent me a few weeks ago;

Please see below for a summary of our children’s services.


               Clients must have to have a diagnosis or be on the waiting list referred for an assessment for ASC

               We provide 1:1/2:1 bespoke support; the client is allocated their own support worker who will work with them to build a trusting professional relationship

               We support the client to identify how their autism affects them directly and help the client to develop strategies to manage these difficulties

               We are mentors (caring but not carers) and help support the client to become independent - to build on current skills and to learn/develop new ones, such as:

o    We can support with independent living skills in and outside of the home

o    We can support the individual to learn to manage their autism in social situations. 

o    We can support the client to access meaningful activities within the community


We are aware that some people with ASC have comorbidities, should these present as their primary need then we may contact the client to discuss other options of support as we may not be the right service to support them at this moment in time.


Our costs for our invoiced/spot purchase service is: £26 an hour per worker with a minimum session of 3 hrs. However for those clients requiring intimate personal care there is a 10% uplift on our hourly rate.


Should the client not be in receipt of any funding


1.     If the client isn’t in receipt of any funding then they may qualify to access our BBC Children in Need” (BBC CiN) service (a funded service).  The support is time limited and will end after 18 months.

2.     The support is for 6 hrs. per calendar month - which can be taken in one session or 2x 3hr. sessions.


To qualify for this support the potential client will need to have:

·         A diagnosis of autism and be under the age of 18 yrs.

·         That the child has applied for and been refused any form of *funding for their support.




“Childrens Activity Groups”

The children’s activity groups are for children 8 years and over with high functioning autism (children not requiring 1:1 support).  The groups are held every other week in Buxton and Ripley.


“Parent Carer Groups” We also have a monthly parent/carer support group here at our office in Ripley.


Parenting Groups

Our Incredible Years Positive Parenting Group is starting on Thursday 9th January at 9:30 - 11:30 at Castle View School in Matlock. If you feel you would benefit from attending this then please let me or school know so that we can get a referral form filled in. We are running this course again starting at Easter at All Saints - following the completion of this I am happy to run the course at Darley Dale Primary if they are happy for me to do so.



Young Carers

I know some of you mentioned that your children are caring in some form for their siblings - this can be emotionally - I have attached a flyer and referral form for Young Carers - please let me know if you need any help completing the form.



Disability Living Allowance 

Form below



Education Health Care Plan 

If you feel your child is in need of an Education Health Care Plan then you are able to request this by emailing - sen.admin@derbyshire.gov.uk 

Derbyshire Information, Advice and Support Service (DIASS) may be able to support further with this - they can be found by searching for them on Google 




CAMHS do run sessions for parents on a variety of topics - there is only one session left this year but I have attached the flyer and as soon as I get the new flyer I will send it out.



Build Sound Minds

I have attached information on this service - they cover a lot of work with children but please be aware that there is about a years waiting list.