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Year 4 - Miss Blunden

Welcome to Year 4!!!

Derby Open Centre Monday 23rd May

White Hall

The Mayans

Roman Numerals

Monday 8th February 2016

Today we got to use the brand new Ipads for the first time! They were amazing and a lot better than the netbooks because they loaded much quicker. On the case they had stands so when you were typing you didn't have to hold it. The screens were much clearer and the battery didn't run out as quick as the netbooks. You can find the cable much easier than the netbooks when you are putting them away.


By Eve and Freya

Thursday 4th February 2016-Lea Green

Today we went to Lea Green and we met our instructors Ian and Kelsey (they were really fun). First we split into two groups and then we went on the buggies or the parachute. At 11am we swapped over. After lunch, we went in the caving room for rock climbing and then on the play park to have some fun!  Thank you Lea Green for having us today we really enjoyed it!

Tuesday 12th January 2016- Angle Monsters

Today we learnt about different types of angle. To help us we all made an angle monster (they only like right angles). We also investigated angles in our classroom too!

Tree Planting Day- Friday 4th December 2015


First we had a special assembly, where a visitor from the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust came to talk to us about protecting wildlife. She had an unusual friend too… A GIANT BADGER! We learnt about how to help wildlife and that the oldest tree in Derbyshire is in Darley Churchtown, it is over 2000 years old.  After we got changed into our wellies and muddy clothes.  Then we headed outside to meet Mrs Bax.  We listened to what we needed to do and where we need to plant the new trees.  Our class  planted the alder trees, which like to be in marshy ground.  We had to make sure they were 2 metres away from each other. We worked in groups of 3 and we dug holes for the trees to go in.  When they were big enough we placed the tree in and replaced the soil and jump on it to make sure it was solid.  We had to tie the tree to the stake and label it.  To make sure the rabbits don’t eat the trees we had to use rabbit guards to protect them!  In total the school planted 150 trees.  We enjoyed making history and our forest school even better!


We also want to say a massive thank you to all the adult helpers who helped us!

Race to the Pole

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Antarctica Day

Tuesday 1st December 2015

Year 4 would like to say a massive thank you to Miss Pasteur for working with us on our Antarctica Day. We were able to dress up in the polar clothing and we became scientists too! We learnt lots about Antarctica and we looked at the rise in sea level and how carbon dioxide affects the acidity in sea water. 


Take a look at the photos from our exciting day!

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Flag Design

Year 4 were asked to design a flag for Antarctica as there isn't one.  Then the 6 best designs were chosen to be sent to Antarctica.  First they flew to Cape Town in South Africa and then to the Russian Novolazarevskaya Station (known as Novo!).


Take a look at  our flags flying in Antarctica!