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Year 3 - Mrs Hooper & Mrs Burrows

Welcome to Year 3.

The final lockdown photos - some challenges, times tables, transition work, some of Mrs Hooper's crochet and her very lazy cat!

The experiment to see if removing the flower spike from garlic was pretty successful. There were 11 plants which had their flower spikes removed, ranging from 36-62g, with a mean weight of 49g. 9 plants were left to flower with weights ranging from 27-54g and a mean weight of 43g. We proved our hypothesis that removing the flower spike increases weight at harvest!

Garlic Harvest

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Gardening - hooray!

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Week Twelve - Great Eyam cartoon strips and stories, Brownie badges and measuring capacity.

Week Eleven - lots of maths (again), some Eyam diary writing, plague cures and gardening.

Week Ten - revolting plague cures, lots of maths, a few more Eyam visits, science on flowers, and a couple of cute babies.

Week Nine - a variety of rats and some good arguments!

Week eight - Amazing plague posters, the 8 times table, a visit to Eyam and some work on plants. Keeping busy!

An interview with Jake for Year 3

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Thankyou for the questions you sent in, Jake really enjoyed answering them and is missing working with you all.

Week seven - lizards, fish, shapes, lines, Sheffield and sewing!

Week Six Lots of reading comprehension and maths, and some Purple Mash!

Week five Some great posters about Darley Dale, hairdressing, baking, gardening and VE Day bunting! What a lot of varied talents.

Week Four Some great work about Darley Dale and lots of other stuff!

Week 4 Fantastic leaflets and great map work.

Roman Day! In all the Covid-19 chaos I forgot these photos. Thought they might brighten up a Monday.

Week Two - great drawings and fabulous work on food and nutrition.

Week One of home learning. Well done everyone!

Pompeii Poems

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Year 3 worked hard to write and then perform their own poems.


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Working hard on our Roman Chariots.

Very wet, but successful, apple pressing. The juice tasted sweet and delicious

We have made fantastic 'Reading Pets'. Mrs Hooper hopes they will be read to lots over half term!

It is a bit more colourful than stone age weaving would have been but we all worked hard.

We had two well behaved visitors on Friday. Nibbles and Kiwi spent the day in school.

What a great afternoon we had painting our cave paintings!