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Year 2 Transition

Hi Year 2. I just wanted to answer the few questions I have had...

Yes there will be plenty of hard work - but also lots of art, DT, PE, etc as well. Our first topic will be about the Stone Age.

You will not be able to bring in pencil cases into school in September as we will have to be careful not to bring in any extra things. You will all have a packet on your table with pencils, ruler, scissors etc in it.

You will be sitting in rows facing the front of the classroom. Usually we have groups of tables together but we wont be able to do that when we first get back to school. I haven't managed to get in the classroom yet to start sorting it out but it will all be ready for you on 3rd September.

I have also been asked about what we will be doing. Our first topic is about the stone age, and we will be looking at two books - 'Stone Age Boy' and 'Ug'. The first times tables we will work on are the 3 and 4 times tables.

Have a good summer. cool

Story time

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I asked my current Year 3 class about the things they have enjoyed and if there was anything they were worried about when they started in the juniors. They said...

painting      gardening    hockey club     Maths     English    cross stitch    the classroom     Roman day    Science   French   joined up handwriting   lunchtime sports activities

having more freedom than in the infants        


Some of them said they were worried about being able to do the work but it was fine!

Hello Year 2

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Email Mrs Hooper with your questions at ehooper@darleydale.derbyshire.sch.uk

Just for fun - some photos from Reception!