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Year 2 - Mrs Walker

                                                                              YEAR  2  -  

Welcome Back Year 2 !  

Let's look forward to a year of learning, creativity, lots of challenges and fun.


Year 2   Wednesday 23rd June      We spent a sunny morning weeding, planting/re-potting and watering in the garden and in the new school polytunnel ! 

Forest Schools -  2nd session with Netty    12th June 2015


On Friday we had our second Forest Schools session with Netty. When we went down to the woodland area we were shocked to see that the new homes we built for the Little People had , sadly, been destroyed by Snot the dragon. Outside the Chief's house was a little wooden sign that said 'Sold '. He has moved out. We are going to build again and hope they all come back. We need to watch out for that pesky dragon !


But today, after we had put out our red hazard flags, we collected different kinds of leaves and identified the trees that they came from. Then Netty showed us how to print onto fabric using our leaves.

Lea Green Day  8th June 2015             Lots of Teamwork,  Outdoor Learning and FUN !

                                                                        Forest School

Our first session with Netty

We had to build new homes for the Little People




Zoolab   -   We saw lots of interesting creatures today when Emma from Zoolab visited Year 2

 We have been learning to make simple circuits
Summer term Curriculum Letter

                            LEA GREEN

                   19th - 20th March 2015

                    Year 2's Big Adventure !


                  A great time had by all !!

We had lots of fun at Lea Green on Wednesday 24th September. We learned how to face challenges and overcome our fears on the obstacle course, and built up our independent and teamwork skills on the Photo Trail in the afternoon. It was a great day !

On Thursday the 19th  March and Friday 20th March we went for our stayover trip to Lea Green. We went on a coach and arrived about 10.15am. We took our bags into the Games room  and then went into the house for a drink and a talk about what we were going to do.

First of all we did a Treasure Hunt , looking for things inside the house and outside in the grounds. After lunch we went to the boot room to put on our outdoor shoes so that we could go to the Low Ropes. Helping each other we went round the ropes trying to balance and not touch the floor. Then we had to squeeze through some tyres , some underneath us and some above us.

Our next challenge was Bushcraft, making dens for small animals and insects, using sticks , twigs and leaves. We toasted yummy marshmallows on sticks over a fire which our instructor lit.

At night , in the dark, we played 'Smuggler's Run', a game in teams to carry dragon's blood from one end of the site, over the 'border',  to the other side of the house and put it in to hidden containers, trying to avoid the border guards. We won by collecting more dragon's blood than Marsh Lane School!

We had another exciting day on Friday climbing in the Boulder Room and riding buggies around the Sports Hall. ( some Formula 1 drivers in the making !!...Mrs W )

It was time to go home after we did an Earthball activity..moving a giant ball across the Sports hall, trying to knock over our instructor Ian...we did it !  Ian was ok.

We had a great time even though some of us didn't get much sleep on Thursday night !  Oops.


MATHS -We are working on 'One More, One Less ' in our maths lesson, in and outside the classroom.

working hard in maths

Maths with Conkers !

Emily brought in lots of conkers . We counted them in 2's and 5's, we ordered them from the smallest to the biggest. Then we made a conker line across the classroom which measured 7 metres 78 centimetres. Altogether, there were over 300 conkers !