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Timetable Suggestions

Here is a suggested timetable you may like to follow whilst supporting your children from home. It is just a guide and is by no means mandatory! Do what is right for you and your family. I know some people like structure (like me!) and will love having a timetable to follow, whilst for others it will just not be feasible. Do what you can, and try to stay relaxed. Children pick up when we are stressed and it rubs off and shows in their behaviour!






8.00am Make sure everyone is up dressed and had some breakfast so they are ready to start the day. Maybe you could help your grown ups by making your bed? Once they are up and dressed allow free play before P.E.


9.00am P.E. with Joe Wicks. If you aren't keen how about some go noodle or cosmic kids yoga?


9.30am choose a Maths, English or Topic activity from the suggested plans. In school we usually work for no longer than 20 minutes on any given task. If you manage to complete all three by Wednesday, choose two more to do on Thursday and Friday, Don't worry if you start a task and it has to roll over to the following day! This is often the case in school.


9.50am Choosing time - allow for some unstructured play. Dinosaurs, babies, looking at books, building, lego, colouring, drawing, playing with siblings. Remember we have 29 children in reception so there will often be points where they are playing without adult guidance. 


10.30am Snack time - you could set up a snack café if you prefer, so your child can help themselves. Put their snack and drink on a table so they can help themselves. Make sure hands are washed before sanck!


10.35am Outside play


11.00am Structured play - this is where you can support their learning through play. Play a board game, chalk a hop scotch, sing some nursery rhymes, make a den, plant a seed, read a book to them, paint, craft, junk model, make play dough, make slime, engage in their role play.


11.20am Choosing time. Time for unstructured play.


12.00pm  Wash hands and lunch, followed by outside play (if possible). You could go for a walk, play in the garden or walk in the wood. 


1.10pm Phonics. I will be posting videos of daily phonics lessons. This is the most rigid learning we do each day. Hopefully it will just be a case of watch the video and join in. The kids will know what to do. We have been doing it every day since September. Watch this space.....


1.35pm Choosing time. Time for unstructured play. 


2.20 pm. Quiet time - have a story, play on the ipad, watch some tv - some great stuff on cbeebies if you want to make sure what they are watching is a bit more focussed.


2.50pm outdoor play.


3.20pm Read your home school reader. 



                                              KEEP CALM


                                            AND FOLLOW 

                                            THE TIMETABLE


                                       (BUT ONLY IF IT HELPS!)

Timetable in brief - to print off.