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Session 1

Today it was our first forest schools session, we were all excited in are kit. Miss Blunden explained what we could do, which was: den building, bug hunting, habitat making, making animals out of clay and picture frame making. The picture frame making was fun because lots of bugs were climbing on the camo mat. We learnt how to tie lots of different types knots. As a lot of bugs were getting on the camo mat the bug hunters were able to catch lots of bugs. On the camo mat we found a beetle, a spider and even a frog! We made Miss Blunden squeal when we showed her as she wasn't expecting it. Some people made animals out of clay and it was really cool because they used lots of natural materials to help them make it. Den building was really fun too because we made dens for me and my friends and all of the nature. We loved making habitats because we were allowed to use all of the nature a round us and all the insects seemed to like it. Overall we thought that everything was amazing, so it was a brilliant start to forest schools!


By Leonie and Freya