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Reception - Mrs Holmes & Mrs Sheldon

Welcome to Reception!

Welcome to our Reception class page. The grown ups who teach us are Mrs Holmes, Mrs. Sheldon and Mrs Orridge. Make sure you check our page regularly to see what we have been up to. Lots of useful information can be found by following the links below.



Our topic this term is 'If You Go Down to the Woods Today'  

Contacts: gholmes@darleydale.derbyshire.sch.uk   asheldon@darleydale.derbyshire.sch.uk

Our Learning Journey 

Come and see all the fantastic things we have been learning....

Our star of the week is Olive this week- Well done! (16/10/20)

Potion Making! Our water area was very popular today with our potion makers. They loved experimenting to fill different containers and worked together to fill the very big ones. Lots of lovely imaginative play and mathematical language!

Bird Feeders... The children worked so carefully with Mrs Orridge to make bird feeders using ice-cream cones, peanut butter, bird seed and cheerios. It was tricky not to eat them ourselves!

Well done to Emmie, our Super Star for this week! (09/10/20)

Hello Yellow! We had a lovely Friday talking about feelings and how we can look after each other. We had lots of fun dancing to ‘Happy’ and drew what makes us feel happy.

Gruffalo Maths.....we had to do some very careful counting to make our Gruffalos look just like Mrs Holmes’. He needed 2 eyes, 2 tusks, 2 horns, 3 teeth, 4 purple prickles on each side making 8 altogether, 1 black tongue and FINALLY 1 green poisonous wart.

We have been learning how to use the ‘doodle buddy’ app to learn how to draw on the iPads. Can you guess what we have been drawing?

Great minds think alike........we have also been practising our sounds in foam with Mrs Holmes!

Gruffalo play dough

Congratulations to our Star of the Week Elias! (02.10.20)

Congratulations to Elias our Star of the Week! (02.10.20)

We have enjoyed practising reading and writing our new letters...

We have been making woodland creatures using lots of creative skills. The children even made a little habitat for their clay hedgehogs to hibernate in!

Our Work is Incredible! When we do some exceptional learning we have it displayed on this board and get a special sticker too.

This afternoon we have been dancing and singing nursery rhymes including our favorite ‘sleeping bunnies’. Mr Gostick even came and joined in with the fun!

We have been very busy this week making hedgehog pictures. We are using a range of skills and mediums including cutting, sticking, colouring, painting and collage! Watch this space for the finished product......

We love a good obstacle course in Reception.

My favorite part of the week - phonic! The starting point of our reading and writing journey. And I must say we are picking up our sounds very quickly! Well done everyone.

We all worked hard this morning practicing writing our names. A very important skill in Reception.

Star of the week (wk ending 25.9.20). Well done to our 1st star of the week Leo!

Lunch in the hall........

As part of our 'owl baby' work we did a cut and stick Maths activity. We stuck our owls in the tree, counted them, then recorded using a number line for help.

Smarty Pants! We all have our own 'hot spot' on the carpet. Look at how smart we are!

The outdoor mud kitchen is incredibly popular this year. We get to scoop, mix, stir, take turns, count and engage in role play.

Who doesn't enjoy a bit of bank rolling on a sunny day?! This afternoon we enjoyed the last of the sunny weather and went onto the field to roll down the banks. We had so much fun and lots of learning took place....we discussed what a 'bank' is (a place you get money, a river bank, a small hill), compared the length of sticks, counted daisies and talked about how to keep hydrated on a warm day.

We all did a hand print in paint then Mrs. Sheldon cut them out and laminated them. At hand washing time we find our hand and put it in the basket to show we have taken our turn. It really helps the teachers to keep track!

This afternoon we went out to play on the bikes and scooters - great for developing gross motor skills and co-ordination. Which in turn helps to develop fine motor skills which are essential for writing. We had lots of fun!

We love playing in our fantastic outdoor area!

Wake and Shake! In the morning we wake up our bodies and our brains with some go noodle. We dance, move and practice our deep breathing to calm down ready for learning.

At around 10.30am it is snack time. We sit in a circle and take turns to serve our classmates fruit and milk. Then we wash the cups!

We are so proud of how well all of our new starters have settled at ‘big school’. From coming in by themselves, to waiting patiently for their turn to wash hands and playing together nicely. We honestly could not be prouder! We are really looking forward to the year ahead. Well done everyone.