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Reception Class!



A day at the beach!

Fairies, dragons and bears- our trip to Rosliston Forest!

We have had a lovely day at Rosliston Forest! We made fairy homes and escaped a dragon this morning and then we went on a bear hunt this afternoon! We have some fantastic photos to show you but they will not download tonight so hopefully you will be able to see them in the morning!

We watched the Junior play today- it was brilliant!

Making perfume!

Elspeth's daddy came to show us his Austin 7 today! We think it looks like Mr Gumpy's motor!

Look at our garden!

Our outdoor area has had lots of new things added! The garden is looking fab! Thank you so much Netty (Evie's mummy) and Charlotte (Emily's mummy) for the black boards and painting the house!

Our new blocks made by the very talented Netty!

Our tadpoles are turning into frogs! Today we put one into our newly discovered pond...

We are looking forward to spending time with all the children who are starting our Reception Class in September- they are staying for their lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday this week!

This week our journey topic takes us "Up, up and away!" We will be reading "The Blue Balloon" by Mick Inkpen and learning about things that fly- can you make a list of things that fly?

Bring a parent to school day! We made lots of exciting things for our outdoor area-

This week we have been learning about trains! Have you been on a train before?

We have been very busy planting seeds this month!

This week the children have had a lot of fun reading the story of "The Naughty Bus" by Jan and Jerry Oke. We had a visit from the Naughty Bus himself who hid all around the classroom and even had a messy trip through baked beans and mud! Find out about his naughty adventure at our school in a video we have made- coming soon!

Yey! At last, the summer is here!