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Children access reading in school in many ways......in phonics, guided reading, story time, big book, 1-1 reading with an adult, and last but not least, through their play!


Children will be sent a reading book home in their book bag and are expected to read regularly at home to a grown up (ideally a little each day). Along with your reading book, your child will be given a reading record. This is a log for you to fill in when you have listened to your child read. Your reading record will also have a set of key words (high frequency words) for your child to practise. These will be changed once your child is confident.


Reading books will be changed weekly, and children should be encouraged to access a wide range of other reading materials at home - labels, signs, library books, story books, magazines, information books - anything that captures their interest. We don't just want to teach our children to read, we want to inspire imagination and develop a love of reading!


At school your child will be taught to read through discrete, daily phonics lessons. Children should therefore be encouraged to 'sound out' most words until they are confident enough to read them by sight. For more information about phonics, please follow the phonics hyperlink.