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Pet Pictures

Since school had been closed, staff have been sharing lots of exciting pet news with one another. After sharing posts on Betsie, I thought it would be nice to have a page to share lots of cute pet pictures. If you would like to share a photo of your pet, send it to me via email and I will put it on the website. 

First up is Winston, Mrs. Addis' new puppy. They collected him just before lockdown. Good timing for being at home to help him settle in and for house training him! Gorgeous!

On the first day of the Easter holidays, Miss Blunden's dog had 9 puppies! She will look after them till they are big enough to go to their new homes. Miss Blunden has 4 dogs (along with the new puppies) and she takes them to compete at crufts.

It was Mrs. Orridge's birthday last week. Mr. Orridge had a very special birthday present lined up for her! They have named him Reggie but he isn't big enough to move to their house yet. So cute!!!

Wilson the whippet is Mrs Sheldon's dog. He is very cuddly and lazy at home but he loves to run really fast when out and about.