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Naughty Elves! December 2019

Day 15: Merry Christmas.... a few festive goodies!

Day 14: All wrapped up!

Day 13: A little help here....!

Day 12: Yummy, yummy in our tummy *burp*

Day 11: Christmas Jumper Day!

Day 10: It's magic!

Day 9: A little bit of magic....

Day 8: Build a lego house....

Day 7: Our house.... in the middle of our.... classroom?!

Day 6: Paper Explosion!

Day 5: All hung up!

Day 4: Think we will help do the writing on the whiteboard!

Day 3: Poorly Elf!

Day 2: Book lovers!

Day 1: Look who has arrived!

Introducing Sprinkle and Sparkle