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Information to Support Home Learning

Over the coming weeks the children are expected to follow some learning from home.  As a working parent myself, I know that if you are working from home that you will have an awful lot to juggle. So the first thing I would like to say is BE KIND to yourselves. We are in the lucky position of having Reception children, and a lot of our learning takes place through play! Helping with jobs round the house, baking, dressing up, singing, dancing, playing board games or card games that involve turn taking all provide learning opportunities for our children.

During a typical week at school, the children will do one or two pieces of formal English, one or two Maths activities and one piece Topic work or activities, as the children rotate between working with an adult on more formal learning, and 'choosing' (learning through play). Mrs. Sheldon and I have set a range of activities for you to choose from during the week, but please, please do not feel you have to do everything. The aim is to offer some flexibility to make the work manageable and fun! Although if your child is keen and would like to do more, feel free to do so.


Each morning your child can join me on Zoom for morning registration at 9.30am. This will be a chance for them to see their friends and teachers faces, and hopefully keep them occupied for twenty minutes! The most important thing we ask is that your child remains on mute until an adult says their name and asks to speak to them. During my son George's isolation I was impressed with how quickly the children learnt how to do this themselves (although he is a little older so we will see how we get on).


I will also be doing an afternoon Zoom session when possible but this may not be every week, due to the fact that I will be in school on alternate weeks caring for key worker children. During these weeks I will do an afternoon story session if possible, but if not will post a video that your child can watch to round off the day.  I fully understand that getting on Zoom everyday may not be possible for everyone. My hope is that by offering daily morning zooms, I will have seen most children to say hello by the end of the week, and everyone will have the opportunity for some face to face contact.


In order for me to see what you have been doing with your children and offer some feedback and interaction, you can post your child's work, videos or photos of them completing activities on Tapestry. If you are still not on Tapestry I strongly recommend that you do so. Simply send me an email and I can reply with an activation code.


As well as our zoom sessions, I will be posting phonics videos that you can do in your own time (technology permitting - fingers crossed). I found that a video works better, as you can pause the video so that your child can work at their own pace and get adult support if they need it. Then they can watch again and have another practise if you need twenty minutes peace! Remember.........


                                              Keep Calm


                                        Wash Your Hands



                                     Stay Safe, Mrs Holmes.