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Homework will be given out on Fridays.  Please make sure that it is handed in by the following Wednesday.  This will give your teachers chance to mark your work. You can always hand it in earlier once you have finished it!


Your homework will usually be a piece of English or Maths, linked to learning that has taken place during the week. If you want to talk about your homework with an adult at home and need a little help that is fine.


It should take you around 20 minutes to complete your homework. If it takes you a lot longer than this, or you are struggling, come and see a teacher in school. We are always happy to help!


In addition to your homework, you are expected to read regularly at home to a grown up (ideally a little each day). Along with your reading book, you will find a set of key words attached to your reading record to practise. These will be changed once you are confident. Sometimes you may also be sent some sounds to learn to help with your phonics. Please ask an adult to write in your reading record when you have done some reading at home.


Later on in the year, we will begin to send some spellings home to learn. Further information will be included once this is put in place.



Thank you,


Mrs. Holmes and Mrs. Hooper.