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Homework - Friday 19th January 2019


Spellings - see below

Mymaths - two times tables

Spellings - 19th January 2019

Homework - Friday 12th October

Spellings (see below)

Maths - adding tens (sheet in homework books).  Please feel free to continue the sequence / start with other numbers.

Spellings - 12/10/18

Homework - Friday 5th October 2018

Please see spellings below.  Also, please practise counting in threes from 0 to 36.  Children will also need a cereal / shoe / small box to make a Tudor/Stuart house next week, painted white / covered in white paper if possible please.


Spellings - 5th October 2018

Homework Letter

28/9/18 - Spelling Homework

28/9/18 - There is also some homework on 'mymaths'.  If you have trouble accessing this, your child can access it in school.  Miss Hill is also sending out a pack to talk through with your child prior to Monday's RE lesson.  Please also find Year 2 (with Year 1) common exception words.  Year 2 children should know how to read and spell all these by the end of the year.  We have given you a copy to plug away at!  Please feel free to mark off on the sheet.  Miss Hill is working on two of these per week on a Monday; to date, she has covered poor, door, most, only and because.