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Jake's gardening update number 1

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

 Monday 16th December

We made a willow tunnel out of willow with Jake's special tool.  We got  a bit of willow and had to put it in the hole. We had to weave the willow under and over.                                                  Ava and Eva.

There is a bit of a gap in our gardening record but we have been busy! It has also been very wet and cold sometimes!

Monday 11th November - Wet, wet, wet!

Monday 14th October 

We found 7 toads in the compost heap and 2 of them were very jumpy.

Everybody planted strawberry  plants in plastic pots.


By Eve and Daisy.

 Monday 23rd September  

we planted garlic  it was  so fun. We cleaned out polytunnel it was  a

tip!!!  it was hard work.

by Dan and Margot

Monday 16th September

 We went gardening and did looking around the school grounds.

 It was great fun because there were big mushrooms on the side of trees..  

   we went in the bottle green house and took some pictures .

   by Libby and Lucy.

16th September 2019