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Forest School with Miss Blunden

Welcome to Year 5's Forest School!!!

Forest Schools Session 1 Wednesday 23rd September 2015

Today we went down to the Forest School.  We found something rather unusual hang on a tree, it was dragon's breath!  We also discovered that little people live in our Forest School!!!  We decided to make with a friendship a bracelet out dragon's breath, so the little people would know we are there to look after their village. BUT... the village had been destroyed so we decided we would help them by rebuilding the village.  We worked very hard and created lots of new and exciting places such as a hotel, a playground, tree house, a farm and even a SPA!


Keep looking out for more exciting things we do in Forest School!



Session 2- Wednesday 30th September and 14th October 2015


In forest schools we had three activities to complete.  With Miss Blunden we investigated  the different types of trees in our school, we collecting leaf samples and then created a display of what we found.  In Mrs Arnold's activity we created leaf art using natural resources in our forest school we even created a dinosaur!  We also worked with Mrs Bax where we created models using the apples that had fallen on the banks we created boats and people.  We have started to clear the vegetable patches so that they are ready to plant next year.  While we were working hard we Roy with found a friend... a frog!  We carefully put him back near the pond, so he could find his way home.