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Extended School Provision

Extended Provision – Breakfast Club and After School Club 

We can provide wraparound care for your children from 8am to 5.45pm 


Breakfast Club
We run a breakfast club which opens at 8am. The cost is currently £2.50 per day and children get a drink and unlimited toast, jams, cereals and all they need to set them up for the day! You don’t need to pre book and it can be used on an “as and when” basis. The club is run by Emma Beers and is based in the hall. 


After School Club
After School Club is based in our “sunshine room” and provides care for children after school until 5.45 pm. Children are provided with drinks and snacks and a range of different activities. Costs are based on a sliding scale and range from £6 .05 to £8.25 per session. The club is run by Emma Beers, Jane Harrod and Lynne Marsden.  


Some information about our After School Club and how to book! 

  •   All bookings MUST be made in advance by Friday morning for the following week, except in exceptional   circumstance.  


  •  Bookings should be made my emailing: asc@darleydale.derbyshire.sch.uk   


  •   If you need to book in an emergency please ensure you have spoken to the office staff. 


  • When booking by email please state the following:  Name of Child  Year group 

      Days/Dates required  Session(s) required 

  • Childcare Vouchers We accept voucher payments from the following providers: 
  • Edenred (P21050880)  Kiddi Vouchers                                                      

         Sodexo                       Care4                                                                                                                                 Computershare           Busy Bees 

 If you use a different provider please let the school office know. 

  • When requesting payment from your Childcare Voucher provider please, if possible, state the following:  Name of Child(ren)  ASC or Breakfast  How much for each child/club. Or email info@darleydale.derbyshire.sch.uk with same information. This is to enable payments to be made to the correct children for the correct club. 


  • Balances can be checked on Parent Pay or statements will be produced monthly for any outstanding balances.  These can be paid by Childcare Vouchers, online or via PayPoint. Please, where possible, keep Voucher payments to a minimum.  


  • Cancellations If you need to cancel your booking please contact the school office. If your cancellation is less than 24 hours notice you will still be charged for the place.  If your child is ill on the day, please remember to cancel your ASC booking when reporting your child absent.