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Elf on a Shelf 2018

Year 1 children have written in the 'Special Santa Diary' every day telling us what Sprinkle Elf and Sparkle Elf have been up to!

Friday 21st December: Our job is never done!

Thursday 20th December: We bring you treats for Year 1!

Wednesday 19th December: Wow! It's magic!

Tuesday 18th December 2018: A little bit of Christmas magic.... what will happen?

Monday 17th December: What a load of rubbish!

Friday 14th December: Our house, in the middle of our.... classroom?!

Thursday 13th December: You're stuck!

Wednesday 12th December: We didn't do it....!!!!

Tuesday 11th December: A little bit of wrapping!

Monday 10th December: Eyes down for a full house! *BINGO!*

Friday 7th December: The Elves are ready for Christmas Jumper Day.

Thursday 6th December: Naughty Elves have been in the book corner!

Wednesday 5th December: Anyone for sweets and treats?

Tuesday 4th December: Trying to climb out the window!

Monday 3rd December: Naughty Elves! They've tipped all the lego out!

A special package has been delivered for Year 1 ! Who could be in here....?