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Darley Bear

10.3.17 Darley Bear went home with Daisy this week. He did have fun, and saw the new lambs!

17.3.17  This week, Darley Bear is having adventures with Thomas and he went to After School Club.

24.3.17 Chloe had fun taking Darley Bear swimming this week.

30.3.17 Lucy has taken Darley Bear home this week.

Easter Holidays - Lola had fun with Darley Bear...hope he didn't eat too many easter eggs!

Sienna enjoyed her week with Darley.

12.5.17 .. Lily took Darley home , and he'd packed his new pyjamas.

23rd June..     Casey and Eva both take Darley this week...they worked out how to share him over the seven days. He will have double the amount of fun!