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This is what we have been learning about this week.

17.3.17 This week, the children celebrated St Patricks day, by making hats and writing about what they are thankful for on a green shamrock. We listened to some Irish music and interpreted it through making our own music and moving to the different rhythms. After using the Numicon number shapes, the children were put in pairs and given the challenge of going on a dinosaur hunt in our outside classroom, to find numbers 1 - 10. This was met with great enthusiasm, and the children developing their own dinosaur hunt. We worked together as a group to label our dinosaur.


28.3.17 Busy week- We said goodbye to our B.Ed students, who have been on teaching practice in Reception. We had great excitement focussing on experiments this week, when we made our volcano explode..it erupted with great vigour.! We observed how the jelly changed state from a semi solid, to liquid when hot water was added, to set jelly when we had left it in the fridge to cool. Linking in with our dinosaur topic, we made dinosaur ice eggs. The children added glitter and paint to the water in the balloon, and tied a knot. After several days in the freezer, we opened our balloons to find the ice eggs! We then attempted our challenge, of "how do we protect the egg?". Many ideas were tried, but the ice eggs eventually melted away.

 23 .6.17. We have had two sessions in Class where the new children starting in September came in to visit us. The new starters enjoyed having dinner in the hall with their parents, and finding out about their new environment.

The current Reception Class have written letters to the 2017 September intake, which will be delivered to them  at their pre school settings, during my transition meetings during next week. 

7.7.17 The children took part in sports day this week. It was a glorious day and the children all tried their hardest. They took part in running, egg and spoon, obstacle , potato and a relay with the rest of the school.

We also made pirate stick men which we took into the woods following our treasure maps, and had an adventure. Lots of the children thought they heard a bear deep in the undergrowth..We will check for bear clues next week!

WOW look at us