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Monday 7th January 2019.


Chocolate Theme Day! 


The Year 4 children have made a very tasty start to the New Year! The children were introduced to their new topic 'Chocolate' through a theme day based around the topic. 


In the morning, the children made chocolate truffles. We thought about the presentation of our truffles especially when you maybe making a product that someone may buy. 


The next task was to design a chocolate bar. The children used their creative imagination to name their chocolate bar, think about who would buy their product and finally, to think about what ingredients would go into the bar. 


After lunch, the children learnt about where chocolate is grown and how chocolate is produced. The day was completed with chocolate poetry. The children loved listening to 'Chocolate Cake' by Michael Rosen. 


Chocolate Theme Day!

Chocolate Theme Day! 1
Chocolate Theme Day! 2

Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day

Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day 1

Sound Week

Sound Week 1

Sound Week! 


Year 4 have been learning about Sound this half term. This is a new topic within Science for the children. We have had great fun making their own instruments for their homework. We then used the instruments to deepen our understanding of pitch and volume. 


We carried out a number of different investigations during this topic. The children particularly enjoyed making ear defenders and tested the effectiveness of different materials. 

Antarctica Morning.


Today, Year 4 were immersed in their learning when a special visitor came into school. Scientist Liz Pasture came to work with the Year 4 children to enhance their understanding of Antarctica. As part of our Poles Apart topic, the children took part in a question and answer session with Liz before listening to a talk about the work Liz has carried out in Antarctica over the years. 


The children then had the opportunity to try on clothes that Liz wore in Antarctica and help to build a map of the continent. The map work was great for developing the children's understanding of the physical features of the landscape of Antarctica. 


After break, it was Science time. The Year 4 children undertook an number of different investigations which demonstrated the impact of Climate Change to the children. 


Liz kindly offered to send four flags that the children have designed to Antarctica. These flags will hopefully be displayed by the team who are currently working there.


The Year 4 children and I would like to say a massive 'thank you' to Liz for giving up her morning to us. A fantastic time was had by all. 



Antarctica Morning!

Antarctica Morning!  1 Guess the Year 4!
Antarctica Morning!  2 Dressing to keep warm!
Antarctica Morning!  3 Investigating the impact of Climate Change.

Health Fest!

Health Fest! 1
Health Fest! 2
Health Fest! 3

Health Fest! 


On Friday 16th November 2018 the Year 4 children took part in Health Fest. The afternoon's activities were organised and held at our local Secondary School, Highfields school. 

The children spent the afternoon getting active. They took part in a variety of activities including circuit training and Zumba! They even had the opportunity to make their own smoothies. 


Subtraction Posters. 

Tuesday 6th November 2018. 


To support the development of the children's understanding for subtracting two 4-digit numbers with more than one exchange, the children created their own problems and represented the numbers pictorially. The Fantastic Year 4 children loved this activity and their understanding was really deepened.

Subtraction Posters: Tuesday 6th November 2018.

Subtraction Posters: Tuesday 6th November 2018.  1

Road Trip USA! 

Week Commencing 3rd September 2018. 


This week the Fantastic Year 4 Class took part in a theme day to enthuse and inspire them into our new topic: Road Trip USA! 

The children came to school wearing stars and stripes. During the day the children completed the passport challenge and visited many of the different states in the USA. 

In the afternoon, the children took part in the Tower Challenge and they had to try and build the tallest tower. This challenge was great for developing the children's understanding of sky scrappers. 

Picture 1

Exciting Electricity Week! 

Week Commencing 15th October 2018. 

This week the Fantastic Year 4 children have been taking part Exciting Electricity Week. 

Through out the week the children have been putting their scientific skills to the test through completing a number of electrifying challenges. At the end of the week, the children became the proud owners of a Junior Electrician Certificate. 

Well done Fantastic Year 4!   

Exciting Electricity Week!

Exciting Electricity Week!  1
Exciting Electricity Week!  2